Managed Services

Over 60% of companies using advanced technologies rely on MSPs for support.

IQT’s Managed Services

Managed services involve out-sourcing day to day I.T. operations to an outside service provider. Out-sourcing your day-to-day I.T. operations gives business leaders and I.T. administrators the opportunity to focus on other projects and long term business strategy.

network monitoring

IQT’s managed services include remote and on-site support options for our clients. IQT’s managed services come with customized service level agreements which provide administrators with expected response times and issue tracking in-case of any issues related to their networks.

Systems Administration

With system administration, you are managing your servers and workstations so that you can be productive and perform your tasks more efficiently. Your servers can be optimized to ensure the very best performance.

Having your workstations perform to their fullest capacity means your users are able to efficiently work on their tasks without any disruptions in productivity.

Data Center Solutions

Do you have a large or complex infrastructure? Is it difficult to manage it on your own? We got you covered. You can move your infrastructure to a data center and limit your responsibility by transferring it to us.

We can manage your environment in a data center and continuously monitor it for any problems. In a Data Center you will have that extra bit of security as our facilities use the highest level of security protocols.

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Hardware/Software Support

If you want your network to run at its optimal speed, you need to manage your hardware and software to make your machines perform to their fullest. Since technology is rapidly evolving, it's important to stay ahead and update your hardware. We can help you do that, as our top of the line engineers specialize in this field and can help you find a solution that exactly matches your requirements.

Software is another important factor in any organization. You need the right software to go along with your hardware-re, to perform efficiently. We can find, build, and support the software you need for your company's mission critical operations.

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Cloud Integration

The Cloud is emerging as a powerful industry that focuses on secure data, lower downtime, decreased initial costs, and scalability.

Having a cloud solution means you don't have to manage your infrastructure on your own. That means no downtime or extra individuals needed to manage your environment. It is a service which you pay for and the vendor takes all the responsibility for the hardware and infrastructure.

Backup is the most influential part of any business. Disasters happen, which is why you must be prepared for the "what if" scenarios in business. By properly backing up your systems, you can be free of the most common fear, which is losing your business-critical data. With various amounts of backup solutions, our specialists can help you secure your data without you losing it to anyone, whether it is a user error or a disaster.

Recovery is the phase which occurs after a disaster. If your data is properly backed up, we can assure that you'll be able to get back to where things were before the disaster as fast as possible. Recovery is primarily based on your backup. If you are frequent with your backups, then Recovery will not be a problem.

Why Choose Us?

IT Expertise

Our Expertise

We provide state of the art, around the clock monitoring and support for your network environment. This means that no matter what happens we will be the first ones to know, and begin addressing the issue immediately. Our support provides you with the extra layer of security and stability that you need. Whether it's a basic issue or a major disaster, I.Q. has you covered.

IT Engineers

Our Engineers

I.Q. Technologies provides top of the line managed services to Organizations. Whether it's a small problem or a data center migration, we have you covered. With all the different types of services that we provide, you can benefit from our highly talented professionals who take the utmost care in giving the best customer service to our clients. With our managed services, you can stay on top of your IT needs and utilize the most out of your infrastructure, the smart way.